Friday, November 25, 2011

Monopolist Media Management: An example on how foreign protesters are celebrated, and the Occupy! campaign is silenced...

"Time" weekly newsmagazine is owned by a monopolist conglomerate whose leadership is hostile to democracy and human-rights around the world, except when directed to support "protests" against enemy governments. The coverage of the Occupy! campaign by "Time" newsmagazine is selective, and is written without context, or without any reference to the human-rights abuse against many Occupy! protesters or their demands. However, internationally, "Time" produced an issue of their newsmagazine with a cover celebrating the violent protesters in Egypt who are working against a government declared as an enemy of the USA...

"Comparing U.S. & World Covers for TIME Magazine"
2011-11-25 by David Harris Gershon, posted at "Daily Kos" []:
Each week, TIME Magazine designs covers for four markets: the U.S., Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Often, America's cover is quite, well – different. This week offers a stark example.

Yes, what you see is TIME devoting its cover in international markets to a critical moment in Egypt's revolution – perhaps the most important global story this week – while offering Americans the chance to contemplate their collective navels (with a rather banal topic and supposition, to boot).
This is not an isolated incident, for perusing TIME's covers [] reveals countless examples of the publication tempting the world with critical events, ideas or figures, while dangling before Americans the chance to indulge in trite self-absorption.
Witness these stunning dichotomies:

Viewing these covers, a question must be asked: do these moments of marketing (through a choice in covers) reveal more about Americans, or about the state of American journalism?
I fear the answer.

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